Bicycle is, in my opinion, one of the greatest inventions of all times.

The Problem

I love bikes, but my bikes get stolen! Over my biking career no less than 10 bikes have been stolen. The worst accident happened when 2 bikes disappeared at the same time (I lent my father's bike to a friend, when we came from cinema both bikes were gone). My last bike, a Wheeler trekking bike, was stolen in the summer 2011 from a locked backyard of my house in Munich. Bastards!

I usually even don't report the thing to the police because 1) I can't find any document with the bike serial number, 2) I can't properly describe the bike.

The Solution

I have scanned the bike papers! I have taken photographs of my bikes.

Villiger Montreal bike

Bought used for 280 eur on in Munich (NP 850 eur)

The seller was middle aged man who gave me this nice Bewertung:


Gary Fisher Piranha 2008 21" Mountain bike

Bought for 740 eur in Fun Sports, 26.9.2008


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